Just a simple log of all of my planting/growing adventures so I can easily look things up and keep track.

I’ve become increasingly interested in growing plants over the past few years.  It’s somewhat of a challenge living in a third floor apartment, with no balconies, few windowsils, and three foliage-hungry cats.  I have to get creative when it comes to placing my plants.  I have limitations too, and will not keep plants that are known toxins to cats.  I also have little to no previous plant-growing knowledge and am just sort of winging it with plants I like, or find interesting, or can keep alive.

The 2010 summer saw me actually trying to venture into growing a few vegetables in containers in our shared yard, as well as some hit or miss with flowering plants in a tiny flowerbed I made.  Fall is here and I’m currently getting underway the beginnings of my own little patio to surround with plants next Spring.  My very own place to reflect on my day and just relax in.

I named the site “Letting Go,” in memory of a great dear friend, who’s constant vigilance over me and desire to assist in my recovery from severe anxiety caused him to put together a piece of music for me, which he titled, “Let it Go.”  I’m trying, David.  Caring for my plants helps remind me to take it easy, and brings back nostalgic wonder and fascination of the world around me.

September 21st, 2010
~Nicole Hearnes

“Let it Go” David Scalise

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